Collect data, share them to improve treatments

LifeCharger is a system meant to improve treatments,  giving patients an active role in their daily management both of their own therapies and in collecting useful information to share with their General Practitioners, specialists and pharmaceutical researchers.

Being able to determine therapy effectiveness is extremely important. LifeCharger is an operating system which allows chronic patients to take part in collecting data useful for their treatment improvement day by day.

Why it is important to share data

Drugs safety and their virtual improvement depend on analysis carried on after drugs have been promoted and sold. Pharmaceutical industry investments in this field have always been considerable and the need to estimate the behavioral response of those who use such drugs has been constantly rising.

At present databases results are mainly being used, that is information given by physicians. Such data are often incomplete and rarely take into account patients’ behavior. The main source of information would be the citizens themselves, who would like to cooperate in their treatment improvement, which they are not able to do today. It is an extraordinary opportunity to involve chronic  patients in collecting data about themselves and giving useful information, considering that there are more than 100 million of chronic patients all over Europe (in their fifties more than 20% of our population suffer from a chronic disease). LifeCharger enables patients to  collect actively  data about their actual usage of medications and, more generally speaking, about their behavior and lifestyle they associate to it.

 Chronic patients experience difficulties related to their therapies routine, such as:

-  remember if the daily prescription has been respected

-  manage their stockpiles of medicines and restock them in time

-  share all the information about their therapy with caregivers

LifeCharger is a simple device to support patients.

Through LifeCharger chronic patients can keep records of therapies and their memos, can share information with caregivers, tracking all significant events related to their health and help their General Practitioners or specialists to monitor their treatment.

Patients can keep a diary of their chronic condition, but are especially able to inform their GP or specialists  for monitoring their treatment by keeping records of all  the events occurred. LifeCharger builds up a diary of their chronic condition indeed, tracking all events related to their users’ health.